11.8 - 13.1 mm

Chocopong Edge Milk Choco (2pcs / Monthly)
A872 Blue (2pcs / Monthly)
Romantea Rose Nude Brown (2pcs / Yearly)
Kiralet Blue (2pcs / 3Months)
247 With Me Gray (10pcs / Daily)
Kiralet Brown (2pcs / 3Months)
A872 Green (2pcs / Monthly)
Kiralet Gray (2pcs / 3Months)
Romantea Rose Beige Brown (2pcs / Yearly)
Lighly Rose Berry (30pcs / Daily)
A872 Gray (2pcs / Monthly)
A872 Brown (2pcs / Monthly)
Unisome Gray  (2pcs / Monthly)
Solitary Kristin Brown (10pcs / Daily)
Romantea Rose Charcoal Gray (2pcs / Yearly)
Lighly Rose Khaki (30pcs / Daily)
Nudy Coco สีดำ
Solitary Kristin Hazel (10pcs / Daily)
Romantea Rose Pumpkin Brown (2pcs / Yearly)
Lighly Rose Cacao (30pcs / Daily)
A872 Pink (2pcs / Monthly)
247 With Me Brown (10pcs / Daily)
Chocopong Edge Dark Choco (2pcs / Monthly)
Gemstone Green (2pcs / Monthly)